Divided Spheres Front Cover Everyone has seen a geodesic dome. Buckminster Fuller’s pioneering invention in the late 1940’s and the research and development of his colleagues in the 1950’s created the dome technology we see today. But what is astonishing is how these early spherical design techniques have led to totally new applications today that have nothing to do with domes. Examples can be found in:

  • biology
  • astronomy
  • virtual reality gaming
  • climate modeling
  • product design
  • supercomputers
  • mapping
  • children’s games
  • sports balls

If you work with spheres as a designer, engineer, artisan, scientist, or hobbiest, Divided Spheres is the book for you.

This well-illustrated book-in color throughout-presents a thorough introduction to the mathematics of Buckminster Fuller’s invention of the geodesic dome, which paved the way for a flood of practical applications as diverse as weather forecasting and fish farms. The author explains the principles of spherical design and the three main categories of subdivision based on geometric solids (polyhedra). He illustrates how basic and advanced CAD techniques apply to spherical subdivision.

What’s Inside gives you the details and shows you how.